RS - Christian Perspective

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Prejudice & Equality

a.) Describe Christian teaching about prejudice and discrimination.

Christians may follow the teaching of Agape. Agape teaches love for one another. Christians should love everyone equally according to Agape. Therefore Christians would love everyone and act in a loving way, despite race or ethnic differences.

Christians may follow the teaching that man was made in the image of God. As everyone is made by God Christians should respect God's creation. Everyone was made by God in a certain way, therefore God chose for there to be different races. "God created man in his own image." - Genesis 1.

Christians may follow teachings of equality from the Bible. The teachings say that Christians are all equal in Christianity. "You are all one in Christ Jesus" - Galatians. This shows there is no difference between us based on our ethnic background.

Christians should not show favouritism. This means they should not choose a preferred race or discriminate against another. "Do not show favouritism" - James


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