Restless Earth

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The earth is seperated into 3 main parts:

The Lithosphere

  • The Continental Crust-solid, made of rocks which cool below the surface such as granite.
  • The Oceanic Crust- Solid, and made up of rocks which cool above the surface such as basalt.
  • The Upper Mantle- This layer is made of ultrabasic minerals, and is solid.

The Mantle

  • Asthenosphere- Partially molten layer made of peridotites.
  • Lower Mantle- Solid layer made of silica based minerals.

The Core

  • Outer core is liquid, very dense; and made of iron/nickel.
  • Inner core is solid, very dense, and made of iron/nickel.

Convection currents occur when magma in the mantle is heated up from the radioactive decay in the core…


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