Required Practical: Making a Standard Solution


Make 250 cm3  of a 0.100 mol dm-3  solution of sodium hydrogensulfate.


  • Weighing Boat
  • Volumetric Flask 
  • Sodium Hydrogensulfate Solid
  • Filter Funnel
  • Spatula
  • Distilled (or de-ionised) water in a wash bottle
  • 250cm3beaker
  • Glass rod
  • Digital mass balance (weighing scales), that read to at least 2 d.p.
  • Pipette


1) Calculate the mass of sodium hydrogensulfate solid that will make 250 cm3  of a 0.100 mol dm3  sodium hyrdrogensulfate.

Do this by working out the number of moles of sodium hydrogensulfate needed, with the equation n = cv (number of moles = concentration x volume) and then using the number of moles required in the equation n = m ÷ Mr (number of moles = mass ÷ molecular mass) to work out the mass of solid needed.

2) Weigh a clean and dry weighing boat using the digital balance. Record the mass.

3) Leave the weighing boat on


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