Religion and Prejudice

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Religion and Prejudice

Prejudice: Thinking badly of a someone because of the group they belong to

Stereotyping: Having an over simplified mental image of people and applying it to everyone in a group

Discrimination: Actions as a result of prejudice

Positive Discrimination:  Treating people more favourably because they have been discriminated against in the past e.g giving a woman a job over a more qualified man because she would'nt have been given it 50 years ago.

Scapegoating: blaming certain groups for problems in society.

Why are some people prejudice?

  • Don't understand their culture or background
  • Children influenced by their prejudiced parents
  • People base their views on groups from one experience
  • The media's influence
  • Groups are prejudiced to the people who are prejudiced to them.
  • Fear of the future can lead to scapegoating so they blame a group for their problems.

Prejudice can cause harm, make people feel vulnerable or worthless and can cause genocide

Types of Prejuidce:

Racism: the belief that the colour of a person's skin determines their ability

Sexism: prejudice and discrimination based on a person's gender

Homophobia, Lifestyle, Class, Looks, Women's Rights, Ageism, Religious Prejudice (Jews), Disability 

Stephen Lawrence- stabbed to death by a group of white youths. The charges on his killers were dropped. Eventually DNA evidence was found and 2 of the men were given 15 years in prison. His mother now works to campaign for justice in other racist crimes.

The value of the individual

Human rights are based on the religious belief that each individual is created by God and has a special value to him. Each person is unique and made in God's image. Thereforem humans should treat each other as equals, regardless of race, colour, religion or gender, and all should have the same rights and opportunities.

Universal Decleration of Human Rights

Some of the human rights that everyone is entitled to are:

  • Freedom from slavery
  • Freedom from torture
  • Right to an education
  • Freedom to express yourself and be listened to

Churches together om Britain and Ireland: Work together for unity and pray together no matter their denominations…


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