Record of the Coalition Government

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The Record of the Coalition Government

Social Reform

  • Nature
    • LG had promised "a country fit for heroes to live in" which meant high expectations following his wartime success
    • However, radical politics could not be introduced due to
      • Economic problems
      • Foreign problems
      • Conservative coalition against radical social policies
  • Action
    • Representation of the People Act, 1918
    • Education Act 1918 - raised school leaving age - 12 to 14 - and ended school fees for primary education
    • Addison housing Act, 1919 - gave money to local authorities to build council houses
    • Tax money used to pay- the scheme was highly unpopular
    • 200,000 houses built despite demand for many more
    • LG did nothing to reduce unemployment
  • Conclusion
    • Partial failure
    • Housing and education Act's victims of the Geddes Axe
    • Unemployment not dealt with

The Economy

  • Nature
    • 1918-20 there was a short-lived boom
    • Post-war economy benefited from increased spending on luxury goods unavailable during the war
    • Unemployment decreased
    • Spending and demand rose
    • Slump of 1920's - due to high inflation and…


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