Reasons for Divorce in the UK

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Reasons for Divorce in the UK

Sourced From: Sociology Factsheet

Divorce is a legal ending of a marriage. Divorce rate is measured as the number of people divorcing per thousand of the married population.

Trends in Divorce:

Long term, the divorce rate has risen dramatically. In 1911, there were just 859 petitions for divorce in England and Wales but in 2008 there were more than 143,000 divorces. More recently there has been some decline in divorce, with the rate in 2008 the lowest since 1979.The rate has continued to decline and according to latest ONS statistics there were 118,140 divorces in 2012. Of the 2012 total, almost half of these divorces occurred in the first 10 years of marriage, with divorces most likely to occur between the fourth and eighth wedding anniversary. The ONS statistics also show that 71% of divorces were for first marriages.


The ONS also included a selection of facts about the 2012 divorce statistics including:

  •  There were 13 divorces an hour in England and Wales in 2012
  •  Women were granted 65% of all divorces
  •  9,703 men and 6,026 women aged over 60 got divorced
  •  One in seven divorces were granted as a result of adultery
  •  719 (less than 1%) divorces were granted because of desertion
  •  The average age at divorce was 45 for men and 42 for women
  •  9% of couples divorcing had both been divorced before
  •  48% of couples divorcing had at least one child aged under 16
  • living with the family
  •  It is expected that 42% of marriages will end in divorce

This table shows the number of marriages and the number of divorces in the UK in each year indicated.

Year                                         Marriages                                         Divorces

1930                                           315109                                               3563

1940                                           470549                                               7755

1950                                           358490                                               30870

1960                                           343614                                               23868



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