Radioactivity 4

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Radioactive dating of rocks

In a similar way to carbon datinf the age of rocks can be determined using radioactivity.  Evidence like uranium have very long half-lives e.g. 4500 million years.  So this helps to determine the age of the earth itself. 

Describe the dangers of ionising radiation, the problems arising in the disposal of radioactive waste.

It must be stored in sealed containers.  These containers must be able to contain the radioactivity for a very long time.  These waste products can be a serious problem for long-term storae.  The containers that are buried underground.  The sites for underground storage have to be selected carefully.  The rock has to be impermeable to water and the plac emust be stable.  Lead containers.

Mutation - the cell changed in some way.

Dangers of Ionising Radiation

The dangerous radiation from outside the body is gamma.  Alpha is stopped by the skin so does not enter the body. 

The most dangerous radiation inside the body is alpha because of its ionising effect.  These


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