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To get top marks you need to use a range of punctuation correctly

  • Commas:

1. To separate items in a list:

    we have a first-class health service, educaton system, defence force and parliamentary system.

2. To add clauses or phrases to a main sentence:

   Although we sometimes doubt politicians, they are working, slowly and carefully throughout the years, to make our lives better, so we sould respect them.

3. To add extra detail to a noun or pronoun: 

    The Prime Minister, a man of great integrity, is supported by his ministers.


  • Apostrophes:

1. Inticate possession, if the 'owner' is singular the apostrophe goes before the 's', eg:

    My aunt's car.

if the 'owner' is plural, the apostrophe goes after the 's' eg:

footballers' wives.

2. To show where there is an omission. The apostrophe goes where a letter, letters or even a word has been removed, e.g:

    Do not becomes Don't.


  • Question marks and exclamation marks:

1. use a question mark at the end of each question e.g

   How are you?

2. Only use…




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