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Explore the accompanying experiments, videos, simulations and animations on MyPsychLab.
This chapter includes activities on: 

  • The phonological loop
  • Mnemonics
  • Experiencing the Stroop Effect
  • Interference - a theory of memory
  • Check your understanding and prepare for you exams using the multiple choice, short answer and essay practice tests also available. 

Any day, any detail, any face: she can recall it

A Hollywood actress who can remember every fact of her daily life over the past 40 years is baffling scientists.
She can remember every day of the past four decades as if it were yesterday. Ask Marilu Henner about a date in recent history - as many scientists have - and she will immediately volunteer the day of the week, the weather, what she was wearing and any public events she saw on television. 
She is right more than 99 per cent of the time. She also appears to recall entire days from when she was 18 months old, playing with an older brother thus confounding experts who believe that children are fogged 'infantile amnesia' until they are 2 and a half or more. 
Henner, 59, who made her name in the American television comedy series, Taxi, during the late 1970s…


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