Protein synthesis

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Protein synthesis 

There are 2 stages in Protein synthesis: the first is transcription the second is translation. 

Firstly the DNA must unwind and this is done by the enzyme Helicase ( the place where is attaches is called a cistron), this breaks the hydrogen bonds which join the bases.A second enzyme called RNA polyermase then binds and uses free living nucelotides in the nuceloplasm to form a completmentary strand of a molecule called mRNA ( messenger RNA) this then leaves the nucleus via the nuclear pores. The mRNA will not contain the base thymine instead it will have another base called uracil which is a pyrimidine like thymine. The DNA  Molcule acts as a template for mRNA production.The bit of DNA which codes for one whole polypeptide is called a gene.

this stage is called transcription 

The strand of mRNA then attaches to a ribosome with the help of a molcule called rRNA ( ribosomal RNA ) The Ribosome will then move down the strand of mRNA and create a completmentary strand by waiting for a…




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