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Where are birth rates highest?

highest in developing countries like india - because women marry earlier, have children younger, and high infant mortality rate.

lowest in MEDC countires like England- becuase women want jobs instead of families, have contraceptives, children are expensive and we have pensions

The rate of population change varies over time

Stage 1: Population stays the same becuase births and deaths are high. births are no due to no birth control. Deaths are high because of disease and lack of health care. E.g. some remote tribes in the Amazon rainforest.

Stage 2: Population rises very rapidly because births stay high and death falls. Births stay high for same reason in stage 1. death rate falls due to better healthcare and sanitation. E.g. many LEDCS like Nigeria.

Stage 3: Population rises rapidly becuase births and deaths fall. Births fall due to contraception and women stay in education. Death rate falls like stage 2 E.g. NICs like Brazil

Stage 4: Population stays the same becuase people choose to have less children. death rate is low because of good health care and good sanatation. E.g. MEDCs like UK and USA

Stage 5: Population goes down becuase…


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