Plant Hormones (Triple)

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Plant Hormones:

A hormone is a chemical messenger.

Why do plants grow towards to light?

Auxin - Is a plant hormone that controls growth near the tips of shoots and roots. It controls the growth of a plant in response to different stimuli  (A stimuli is a change in the environment of an organism).

Auxin controls:

- Photoropism - plant growth in response to light.

- Gravitorpism (Also known as geotorpism) - plant growth in response to gravity.

What do hormones in plants control?

- Roots and Shoots

- Seed Germination

- Leaf fall

- Disease Resistance

- Fruit Formation and Ripening

- Flowering Time

- Bud formation

Sensivity; Responding to the Environment:

Plants respond to stimuli to:

- Avoid stress

- Avoid being eaten

- Enhance survival

- Improve chances of


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