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Political developments:

  • Piedmont had introduced a constitution, plus they were liberal meaning about 30,000 political exiles fled there
  • Piedmont then became the centre of the Nationalist movement
  • Cavour wanted Austria out at this point, and he didn't take unification seriously at first
  • he created what's known as the 'Connubio' which was a political marriage (alliance) between the centre-left and centre-right parties; strengthening Parliament against the Crown (monarchy) allowing him to pass legislation and become Prime Minister
  • the Siccardi Laws were drafted in 1850 which ended ultimate power of the Church and further strengthening Cavour and Piedmont
  • the Laws controlled power within the church but in most states this was via an agreement - concordat
  • the Laws included: separate law courts for priests (and other members of a clergy) abolished; the right for criminals to seek protection in churches was abolished; religious…


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