Piano Sonata in Bb, movement 1 - Mozart

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  • Classical style
  • Piano had replaced harpsichord - capable of delicate dynamic effects
  • This work was first published in 1784, as one of three sonatas


  • Three movements - fast-slow-fast - sonata form
  • Three main sections, each defined by key


  • Home key of Bb major
  • First subject - bars 1-10
  • Next 12 bars move into dominant key F major
  • Starting in bar 23, Mozart presents the first of several ideas in this key (second subject group)
  • Exposition ends with a codetta (bars 50-63) in which F major is affirmed by a succession of perfect cadences (bars 53-54, 57-59 and 62-63)


  • Bars 63-93
  • Wider range of keys
  • Begins with first subject in F major but soon passes through the keys of F minor, C minor, Bb major and G minor
  • Seven bars of dominant preparation starting in bar 87 signal return of home key


  • Bar 93 - end
  • Material from the exposition returns, now


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