Physics P3 Edecel


Working through the 360Science book. Physics. Board: Edexcel

P3: Physics, Absolute Zero and Oscilloscopes

Absolute Zero

0K = -273° = Absolute Zero = The temperature that particles stop moving- this isn't actually true.. It's actually something like that absolute zero is when particles have minimum kinetic energy; but you get the mark for saying the particles are stationary. 

So 273K is equal to 0° Celsius, and 27° C for example, is equal to 300 K on the Kelvin scale.

The size of a degree in Celsius is equal to that of a degree on the Kelvin scale, however the numbers representing the same temperature are always 273 degrees apart. 

Remember: Kelvin is always bigger than Celsius. So if you are asked to find the temperature of something in Kelvin, you must


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