Physics P2.3

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P2 3.1

When force moves an object, we say that work has been done to it because energy is transferred to the object. Work done is measured in Joules (J).

Work done (in Joules) = Force (in Newtons) x Distance moved (in Metres)

Work done used to overcome the force of friction caused energy transfer of heat. This occurs when braking in a car and when machines are in use.

P2 3.2

Gravitational potential energy is energy stored in an object when held up. The higher and object, the more gravitational potential energy it has. It can be calculated like so:

G potential energy (in Joules) = mass (in KG) x gravitational field strength (in N/KG) x change in height (in Metres)

Power is the rate of transfer of energy. This is calculated by dividing energy (in joules) by time (in seconds).

P2 3.3

All objects that contain kinetic energy are moving. The bigger the mass and the faster it moves, the higher the kinetic energy is.

Kinetic energy (in Joules) = 1/2 x mass (in KG) x speed[squared] (in metres per


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