Physics (AS) Preparation

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This is a helpful guide on practical skills for your physics ISAs.

I advise you read through the OCR Practical Skills Handbook.  It is from that support material and own knowledge that information has come from.

 1 - Measurement and observation 

The minimum number of observations to be made is 6.  This is for a linear line to be clear and 9 is the expected number of readings for a curve to be clear.  You will not be penalised if you use 6 readings, so use this number unless you feel you should do more.  Never do less than 6 readings.  Use normal intervals between the readings, such as 5(units) or 10(units).  Do not use something like 7(units).

Now, also in the task it will provide you with a range of data to be taking values from and ensure you make the readings within this range.

2 - Repeated readings

You're expected to make repeated readings and then take the average from these readings.  Take three to ensure you get a good average that you can see any outliers on.  With two results that are…


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