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Energy and Electicity

  • There are three main energy suppliers, Coal, oil and Natural Gas.
  • They are energy resources because they give off n they are burnt.
  • They are called Fossil Fuels because they were fomed millions of years ago from remainders from living organisms.
  • Fossil Fuels are non-Renewable resources. This means unlike wave and wind energy they cannot be renewed.
  • They release Carbon Dioxide when they are burnt. Which increases global warming.

Nuclear Fuels

  • The main nuclear fuels are uranuim and plutonium.
  • These are radio-active metals.
  • Advantages - Unlike fossil fules nuclear fuels do not produce carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide.
  • Disadvantages - They are non-renewable resources.

Wind Energy

  • Wind turbines have huge blades thats attached to a tall tower.
  • They work by the wind hitting them and turning the huge turbines (kinetic enegry).
  • Advantages - its a renewable resource and doesnt make harmful gases, Low cost.
  • Disadvatages - They are noisy and big and can spoil landscapes, They depend on the whether if there is no…


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