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Plants produce Glucose by Photosythesis

  • Photosynthsis is the process that produces 'food' in plants. The food it produces is Glucose - a sugar.
  • Photosynthesis happens in the leaves of all green plants - this is largely what the leaves are for.
  • Photosynthesis happens inside the Chloroplasts which are found in leaf cells and in other geen parts of a plant. Chloroplasts contain a substance called Chlorophyll which absorbs sunlight and allows its energy to be used to convert the Carbon Dioxide and water into Glucose. Oxygen is also produce but it is a waste product.

Carbon Dioxide + Water ------> Glucose + Oxygen

Plants use Glucose in 3 main ways

Glucose is used for respiration

  • Plant use some of the respiration for respiration.
  • This process releases energy from the Glucose. Some of this energy…


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