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humanist view-epicurus-aincent greek philosopher- 'if death is bad then for whom is it bad? not for the living, since they are not dead and not for th dead since they dont exist' 

humanists believe death is the end of our existence and this is the only life we have. they do not fear death but they believe we are lucky to be alive as the odds taking place of the universe allowing us to be alive are incredibly small. they believe we must make the most of our lives while we are alive and the finite nature of life is what makes it important and belieivng there is an after life can distract us from this life now. 

humanists believe after our bodies break down our atoms go to form other things, our genes can live in our grandchildren, our actions thoughts and ideas can live in the memories of others. 

christian beliefs

believe in life after death, because jesus in bible ascneded to heave and jesus himself sid, 'the one who believes in me will live, even though they die'  and 'for god loves the world he ave his one and only sonso that everyone who blieves in hm may not die but have an eternal life'

when christians die they bleieve they will be judged on their actions by god, depending on their faith and how they have lived their life. if they have lived a good lfe they will live in heaven, an eternal place with no pain and suffering where they are at one with god. liberal christians regard heaven as more of a spiritual place.

evangelical christians believe in physical human ressurection after the day of judgement and believe heaven is a physical place. 

hell is the eternal torture for non-believers or those who havent followed gods commandment. 

the roman catholic church believ in a place called purgatory, where souls are cleansed of sins and commited on earth until theyre pure enough to enter heaven.

buddhist beliefs

a persons karma in their previous lives determines their rebirth. the word nirvana means blowing out signifying an individual will no longer be reborn. therefore death shouldnt be feared as its a naturla process. budddhists believe  in a cycle of samsara and anatta in which there is no permanent self or soul. the belief in annica means an everlasting soul cant exist. buddhists aim to escape being reborn into the six realms by reaching nirvana. humans are made up of ever changing khandas eg feelings or intelligence. nirvana is a state of mind where the 3 poisons no longer exist. buddhists also believe in annicca meaning nothing is permenant but always changing.

the soul 

the soul is thought to be the physical aspect of a being  which connects someone to god. it is regarded as the non- physical part and lives on after physical death in an aftrlife. 

dualism is the belief we are made uo of two seperate parts, a physical body and a spiritual


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