Part 4 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Part 4 (pages 225-281) 

each part consists of rising tension between McMurphy and Nurse Ratched, culminating in a climactic battle. The stakes are continually raised until the battle in part 4 is fought for the highest stakes of all - life of death.

Part 4 - exposing Nurse Ratched as a woman & final fight about Billy's death

Insinuation   Language   Role of women   Biblical imagery   Size  Sexuality  Humour

p.225/226 "organising fishing trips to the coast and arranging Bingo parties and coaching basketball teams...would risk doubling his stay in the nuthouse by making more and more an enemy out of the woman who had the say-so as to who got discharged and who didn't?" = McMurphy brings humour & exctitement to the ward, he unites the men and brings a sense of real therapy and joy to their lives. McMurphy becomes an anti-hero. 

p.226 "McMurphy even had a peitition in the mail to somebody back in Washington, asking that they look into the lobotomies and electro-shock that were still going on in government hosptials." = McMurphy truly does care about the men in the hospitial and wants to make a change for them. 

p.230 "What about him teaching me to d-dance?...Where is he making muh-muh-money out of teaching me to dance?...It seemed like Billy and I were the only two left who believed in


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