Part 3 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Part 3 (pages 175-221) 

each part consists of rising tension between McMurphy and Nurse Ratched, culminating in a climactic battle. 

Part 3 - The fishing trip

Insinuation   Language   Role of women   Biblical imagery   Size  Sexuality  Humour

p.175 "The nurse objected...I think it has proven its therapeutic value." = Nurse Ratched is being challenged & underminded by her staff - staff think the basketball group should continue 

p.176 "walked to the Nurses' station, to the window that still had the sticker from the glass company down in the corner, and ran his first through it again...when did they sneak that danged glass in there?" = McMurphy breaks the glass again, signifies that he can break Ratched. Act of defiance.

p.184 "me standing there wondering if they ever even saw me." = cultural & physical isolation. People from the government pretend young Bromden is not there, disrespectful, but Bromden can understand them. 

p.185 "the black boy got uneasy after about


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