P3 edexcel physics part 1

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Kinetic theory and temperature in gases.

Kinetic theory- gases are randomly moving particles.

-gases consist of very small particles

-constantly collide with each other and their wall containers, they bounce off each other when they collide.

-particles hardly take up any space, most of gas is empty space.

Absolute zero- 0 kelvin.

-increase temperature of something you gives it's particles more energy, they move around quickly and vibrate more(kinetic energy).

-when you decrease temperature, you reduce kinetic energy.

-coldest anything can get to is -273 °C(absolute zero-smallest kinetic energy possible to get).

Degrees celsius(°) to kelvin (K)

-273°= 0 K.

0°= 273 K.

100°= 2730° to convert degrees to kelvin just add 273 and vice versa.

Kinetic energy is proportional to temeperature…


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