P2(i) - Forces and Motion 1.

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Velocity and Acceleration.

Speed and Velocity are Both How Fast You're Going.

Speed and velocity are both measured in m/s (or km/h or mph). They both simply say how fast your going, but theres a difference between them:

Speed is just how fast you are going (e.g. 30mph or 20m/s) with no regard to the direction. Velocity however must also have the direction specified, e.g. 30mph north or 20m/s, 060°.

Speed, Distance and Time, the Formula:

Speed = Distance / Time 

(http://www.mobile-car-solutions.co.uk/formula%20triangle%201.jpg)This is the formula triangle version. To use it just place your finger over the thing you want to work out and calculate whats left. For example if you want to know the speed of something cover the S. This leaves you with D over T. So distance divided by time. Or if you wanted to know the distance cover up the D


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