Eukaryotic Organelles

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  • Surrounded by a double membrane, which contains many pores. These pores are in abundance, suggesting communcation between nucleus and cytoplasm is important. 
  • Contains chromosomes- thread like structures appear dispered as a diffuse network, called chromatin.


  • Bounded by a double membrane. the outermembrane is smooth, whilst the inner has many folds called cristae. These folds enchance producivity of cellular respiration by increasing its high surface area.
  • Is the site of celluar resperation, thus being the cells "power producers".
  • Located in the cytoplasm.


  • Is the site of protein synthesis.
  • Do not have membranes.
  • Are contructed of protein and the nucleic acid RNA.

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)

Consists of a network of folded single membranes forming interconnected sheets, tubes or sacs. The origin of the E.R. is the outer membrane of the nucleus, to which it may remain attached.

  • Rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER)
    • Has ribosomes attached to the outer…


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