Anselm's ontological argument


Ontological argument

key features:

ontological argument is deductive- prove exists, not suggests. Term is made by Kanty, Anselm and Descates all play a part in the develpment of the theory. A priori- based on reason. Reductivo ad absurdeum: would be absurd to deny it. this claims the definition of God necessarily entails his existence. Teleological and cosmological use evidence, yet they never prove God- they have the inductive leap. Ontological has no inductive leap, it is rational and logical. 

Anselms prosolgion 2

  • this is a prayer to prove Gods existence. For Anselm, faith is a starting point.
  • "That that which nothing greatwee can be concieved"- cant think of anything greater- more amazing.
  • Greatest thing in the mind, therefore must exist in reality, or he wouldnt be the greatest thing you could think of. "the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God" -Bible. 
  • cannot deny that God lives in the mind, reality is better than the mind, therefore must be real. 

Anselsm proslogion 3

  • this prayer shows God exists neccessarily. 
  • prayer to show the type of existnece God has. 
  • which is better: God who has always been, or one who can die? Die or not, therefore God must not be able to go out of existence. if he was contingent, he woudlnt be the greatest thing we could think of. 
  • God exists "in the truest and greatest way" "existence is a great making property" 
  • nothing greater can be concieved, God is perfect. Perfect has to contain necessary, as then it wouldnt be perfect. 

Gaunilo's objection

  • Benedictine Monk, alive at the…


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