Of mice Of Men

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The depression: On October 29 1929, millions of dollars were wiped out due to the Wall Street Crash. This had a big impact on America as it made people unemployed and struggled to provide food and resources to their families. 

The Plot: 

Chapter One: George and Lennie camp in the brush by a pool, the night before starting new job as ranch workers. 

George finds Lennie stroing a dead mouse in his pocket. He complains that Lennie prevents him from having a freer life(family). We discover that Lennie's innocent petting of a girl's dress led them to go on the run as he was accussed of attempted ****. 

They chat about their dream of having their own land and having lots of animals. Lennie likes to talk about the rabbits which will be multicoloured. 

Chapter Two: When they arrive at the ranch in the morning,they meet candy which show…


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