Of Mice and Men characters - Slim

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  • The other worker all have great respect for Slim, due to his job "a jerkline skinner", he is very skilled and important on the ranch. Also he is respected because of his manner and the way he carries himself.
  • Slim is shown as kind and thoughtful of others. "No need to thank me about that." When he gives Lennie a pup it is showing that he is sharing and when saying he doesn't need any thanks he is showing he liked to help and make Lennie happy. 
  • He is also kind to Curley's wife "Hi, Good-lookin" He isn't scared of Curley and seeems to feel sorry for his wife so is friendly and playful with her to make her happy.
  • Steinbeck presents him as a "prince" when he first appears, this shows Slim's superioty to the rest of the workers and suggests that he has a lot of power. He may not be the boss but it seems that the other ranch workers respect him more than the boss. "he moved with


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