Of Mice and Men


The title:

  • Taken from poem by Robert burns called 'To a mouse upturning her nest with the plough'- Farmer has ploughed through the nest of the mouse.
  • Quote from the poem 'best lasid schemes O' mice an' 'men' means plans often go wrong.
  • John stienbesk orginally names it 'something unexpected'.
  • Dont make plans becuase when they wrong it makes us feel worse.The novel emphases a fatalistic view that life is harsh and that dreams are fragile.


  • Episodic not called chapters, there are six and are clear and simple.
  • Written in 3rd person and not just one perspective theres a variety of naritive perspectives
  • The novella starts and ends in the same place (the brush) where Lennie and George are running away…


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