Of Mice and Men: Lennie

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His obsession with ‘soft things’ (mice, woman in Weed, his puppy);

·         Foreshadows future events—Curley’s Wife is killed when Lennie breaks her neck after stroking her hair.

·         When he pets the mouse, he’s doing something that makes him feel secure and safe but is also something which is looked down upon in society


Strength and violence;

·         His aggression is seen as innocent, unlike the others on the Ranch as he doesn’t always intend for events to result the way in which they do.

·         He doesn’t want to cause others pain, e.g. when he crushed Curley’s hand he says he ‘didn’t wanna hurt him’ but George encourages him by saying ‘get im’ Lennie’, because of their relationship, Lennie is more likely to follow his orders and obey.

·         When he accidently killed Curley's wife, he was more worried that he done another "bad thing" (killing the puppy, then Curley's Wife) and that George would be disappointed in him. His lack of sympathy towards Curley's Wife's death adds to the sadness of the event, and highlights how Lennie is more concerned for the well-being of animals then humans - it's as if he isn't able to identify a difference


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