New Cyber Security exam

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System Vulnerabilities 1


a network port is the last part of the network communication. there are many ports that used for different applictions such as HTTP uses port 80 as HTTP is used on websites. and IMAP uses port 143

ports are a potentionl risk of an attack as ports are not naturally secure. an exmaple of this is the port could be used as a way of spreading malware to the system or could be to explioted to gain access to data off the system

FIREWALLS CAN BE USED to block unused ports to reducde the potentional for being attacked by the ports. in order for the firewall to work it must be congigrused professionaly. 

EXTERNAL STORAGE DEVICES are another network vulnerbity. as they can be used to bring malciousn software into the organisation from the network. an exmaple of this could be an employee may use a USB stick on thir homne computer that is infected withn malware and may plug that usb stick into the pc in the organisaiton and this can infect the network


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