'Neutral Tones' Analysis

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Content: a man remembering the last time he met up with a woman whom he had loved. The effect of this memory has changed the way looks at this important event.

Purpose: to show the futility of love.

Tone: the poem initially has a bitter tone. Ultimately, the poet blames love itself, not the two lovers.

Theme- the end of a relationship is bound in the them of loss of love.

Paragraph 1:

The description of the scene makes the poem have a gloomy mood.

'The sun was white, as though chidden of God'- the sun is scared.

'Chidden'- negative, anxious, melancholy.

'As though chidden of God'- simile to copare the sun to a person bring told off.

'Starving sod'- alliteration of hard-sounding syllables underlines that the earth is dry and hard, almost painful. It is struggling to survive.

'Gray'- the leaves are dead.

He does not feel happy so he sees everything as melancholy.

Paragraph 2:

The description of his memories of the girl he loved makes the reader feel…


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