neural and hormonal influences on aggression

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Neural mechanisms search as the amygdala make up part of the limbic system and can explain aggression by looking at the brain .the amygdala is thought to be part of the brain responsible for emotion and aggression .evaluate sensory input and long term memories and then decide on an appropriate response but if it gets damaged this evaluation process is impaired and aggression will result as responses are no longer appropriate . This was shown in 2014 when pardini conducted a longitudinal study on a group of violent males in an MRI he found those with reduced and amygdala volume where the most aggressive however it is a subject to an androcentric gender bias as the study was conducted on males so it can't be used to explain female aggression


The hippocampus is another neural mechanism which makes up the limbic system but instead allows us to assess a current situation by using past experiences and relay whether the situation is dangerous or not to the amygdala .if the hippocampus is damaged this may cause then mcds to respond inappropriately or aggressively . this can be shown by Adrian rain 2014 he found a symmetries in the hippocampus volume


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