neural and hormonal explanations of aggression

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  • an imbalance of neurotransmitters are linked with aggression, especially low levels of serotonin
  • mann found that drugs that reduced levels of serotonin, increased hostility and aggression in males
  • research to describe by Davidson et al - suggested that serotonin has a balancing calming effect on the brain; he compared non violent and violent criminals and found violent criminals had lower levels of serotonin
  • this research was a correlation analysis; cant establish cause and effect; other factoras could be involved e.g. environment
  • research to support by morand et al tested effects of the serotonic drug 5htp on juvenile delinquents and found that increased levels of serotonin reduced the amount of aggression; increases support for biochemicals
  • research has aetiology fallacy; drug works as a treatment so believe it is the cause; other factors could be involved e.g. environment/cognition so cant say conclusively low levels of serotonin is cause of aggression


  • nelson reviewed research and found a positive correlation between the levels of androgens [male sex hormones e.g. testosterone] and aggressive behaviour
  • To evaluate Nelson- high in scientific validity; objective measurements of


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