Hazard Nature

  • Volcanoe is located above the subduction zone of the Caribbean and Atlantic palces.
  • 5 million cubic meters of lava spilled down the north side of the dome.
  • 4 sq Km was covered by pyroclasstic flow depostits, reached 2500m high.
  • lava = andestic so it was sticky and thick, silica thick, more explosive.
  • started erupting in 1995, had been dormant for centuries, but big erruprion occoured 25th may 1997.


  • lots of infastructure destroyed, including the airport. Meant tourism came to a halt, leaving lots of people unemployed.
  • Had the reply on the UK for money.
  • economy and local businesses were devestated.
  • 23 people died. despite warnings, people stayed farming their land as they were so poor had


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