Models of memory

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Memory -  A set of mental processes involved in registering, storing & retrieving information. 

The multi store model (Atkinson & Shiffrin)

Information is inserted into out memory through the sensory store, this is through one of 3 senses. Hearing, visual or touch. This information then needs to be given attention to move into the Short term memory (STM) otherwise is will decay and be removed from the memory. Once entered the STM the info needs to be rehursed to move into the long term memory (LTM). If not rehursed the info may decay or be displaced by another incoming memory. Once in the LTM a person can remember it for aroun 40 years. But it may eventually decay,or a similar memory may interfere and confusion may be caused. The info may also move back into the STM, this is called retrieval. 

(Clive Wearing, 7


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