Models of Memory


The Working Memory Model (12m)

The working memory model (WMM) is a model of short-term memory (STM). It proposes that short-term memory uses two different stores for dealing with verbal and visual information.

The central executive, drives the working memory mofel (WMM), and decides how much attention is directed to the other two systems, also known as slaves.

The phonological loop is the store which controls the auditory informaton in short-term memory (STM). It has two sub-divisioons, the auditory store 'inner ear' which encodes acoustically spoken words (e.g. when listening to someone speaking). Also the articulatory control process which encodes written words in-directly after being converted sub-vocally (e.g. when reading a book).

The visuo-spaial sketchpad, processes visual and spatial information. An example would be using it to plan your route to college and home. 

The episodic buffer is a general store which


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