Mirror By Sylvia Plath

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  • One word: emphasises both the object, the theme of the poem, the message behind the poem plus reflects the obsession women have with their appearance.


  • Growing old.

  • Appearance.

  • Suicide of Poet.

  • Bulimia of Poet.

  • Criticism on society.


  • Natural and domestic.

  • 'Swallow.' Unpleasant descriptions, natural, reflex.

  • 'In me she has drowned a young girl.' Objective, judgemental and critical.

  • Lake: Depth of character and depth of water.

  • First person.

  • Personification of mirror and of lake.

  • 'Faces and darkness separates us...' Passage of time.

  • Desperation in second stanza.

  • Religious: 'Candles, Moon, a little God.'

  • Double meanings: 'Rewards me with tears…


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