"Mice and Men" Friendship

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George and Lennie-

  • Their relationship is different from the other ranch hands, " we got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us" because they have each other this shows that their frienship is unique, a reason why they were able to overcome hardships.
  • George is a friend not a father or master because he is so willing to admit he needs Lennie too.
  • George enjoys the dream of them owning their own land just as much as Lennie."An' if a fren' come along....we'd say 'why don't you spen' the night?'
  • George is of course the leader but he doesn't seem to value himself as necessarily superior to Lennie.
  • The innocence of Lennie's actions as he "imitated George", which is done when they are alone indicates that Lennie admires his friend.
  • George tells Slim how he once used to make lennie do things for fun but he learned his lesson after an icident by the river and "I ain't done nothing like that no more"


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