Marxist perspective of religion

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Marxist perspective on religion:

Marxists see the state as a means by which the capitalist ruling class maintain their dominant position. Louis Althusser says that the state consists of two apparatuses which serve the bourgeoisie in power. 

  • the repressive state apparatus
  • the ideological state apparatus 

the RSA's maintain the rule of the bourgeoisie through force or the threat of it .These include the police, courts and the army.

The ISA maintain the rule of the bourgeoisie by controlling ideas values and beliefs. These include religion, media, and education system. 

In Althussers view, education reproduces class inequality by transmitting it from generation to generation. Education produces a set of beliefs and values, that disguise its true cause.

Bowles and Gintis argue there are close parallels between school and work. Both have hierarchies,


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