Lord of the Flies - Simon

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  • Simon is a naturally good character. His priorities are always about helping others and fulfilling their needs; he is the only boy who was consistent in helping Ralph build the shelters and he does kind things such as helping the younger boys get fruit from the taller trees. We never see him succumb to the inner evil that drives a lot of the boys, even Ralph, into savage and brutal behaviour. In this way, he could be described as Christlike.
  • He is a symbol of hope for humanity. Whilst the majority of the boys display selfish and wild behaviour, threatening the values that are essential for a civilised, equal society, Simon is selfless and gives us hope as a reader that there is some good on the island and not all the boys are brutal savages.
  • Simon is connected with nature and this allows him insight into what the beast really is. Whilst most of the boys fear the jungle and the unknown dangers it could hold, Simon fearlessly goes into the woods often by himself to a special clearing which he regards as a place of sanctuary. This suggests that he has a unique and exclusive understanding…


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