Looking at the Question.


You're not going to write a decent answer if you don't look carefully at the question first.

Read the Question.

It's always tempting to start writing straight away, but it's not a good idea.

1) Take the time to read the question and think about what it's asking you to do.

2) Make sure you know what you're supposed to write about before you get going.

Write in the Style that the Question tells you.

Always think about what kind of writing the question is asking you to do. For example, you might be asked to imagine you're someone else, such as a teacher, or a character in a story. You have to think about what words they would use when they write or say something.

E.g. Philip stood in the museum looking at the dinosaur bones. There was a sign saying "do not touch", but Philip didn't see it. After a while he reached out and grabbed hold of a bone. The museum attendant quickly ran over and told…


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