London, William Blake

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LONDON. 1794



Who was William Blake?

  • Romantic
  • The Bible was very relevant and important in his childhood
  • From age of 10 did not go to school, Dad sent him to 'drawing school' at age 10.
  • Blake said this about not going to school: Thank God I was never sent to school// To be Flog'd into following the Style of a Fool
  • Grew up in London
  • Anti-authoritarian
  • Had visions in childhood. Thought they were a 'true'  perception of reality, many involved angels.
  • Worked at Westminster Abbey during his apprenticeship to Basire, here he was inspired by its gothic style

Songs of Innocence and Experience

  • Anthology published in 1794
  • Songs of Innocence has positive poems that celebrate love, childhood, and nature
  • Songs Of Experience is massive contrast. Poems involved here include London, and they discuss child labour, prostitution and poverty.

Brief points on Romanticisim:

  • William Wordsworth
  • Believed child was representive of innocence, genius and a rebel against order
  • Natural World vs Industry AND Rural vs Urban
  • Explores ideas of the heart, such as love and marriage
  • Concern over human condition

French Revolution. Most significant time where common people rose up and revolted to seize power. British government reacted to it by cracking down on their population's freedom and rights.


Some themes:

  • Confinement vs Freedom
  • Death "blights", "plagues", "hearse", "Runs in blood down Palace walls"
  • Guilt
  • Lack of innocence (where they should be innocence)
  • Power of Humans vs Power of Nature
  • Loss and absence
  • Anger
  • Nature vs Industrialisation

Points chosen here have


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