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Life of a star

  • stars form out of clouds made up of dust and gas.

stage 1:PROTOSTAR 

  • The particles in the clouds are pulled together by their own force of gravitational attraction
  • they merge togther, become more concentrated to form a PROTOSTAR.
  • As a protostar becomes denser= it becomes hotter= hot enough for hydrogen nuclei and other light elements to fuse together -->
  • Energy is released= makes the core get bigger and hotter and begins to shine= a STAR is born.

(some objects may form that are too small to become stars. these are



Really good Zara and very helpful - well done! Sheerian x


That really helped.**

Zara Rathod

hahaha hi! awwww thanks :P Lol

Zara Rathod

glad i could help =)

Zara Rathod

hahaha hi! awwww thanks :P Lol

Miss KHP

This is an excellent resource. Useful for all specs and goes through the life history of a star very basically. The colourful font and highlighted text is great for remembering information and highlighting key words. 

Specifically for AQA Science- P1

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