Legal Essentials large group one, workshop one

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Legal Essentials; Workshop one and large group one'

In large group one we covered the fundamental skills needed to become a lawyer, and ultimately work in the service industry. This covers a wide range of skills, such as communication skills, presentation skills, analytical skills, team work, taking instructions and many more...

As a trainee lawyer, you would have to be able to communicate quickly with other lawyers present, partners, secrataries, really everybody who works at the firm. They need to be able to take instructions etc..

They also have to make presentations to present information clearly.. This means being able to gather key facts and information, so you can glance quickly yet still gain information.

Workshop one prep;

Preparing notes on chapter four of legal skills in our legal essentials book

Communication skills;

What are communication skills? Communication skills refer to several different skills which you use together to allow you to convey effectively information, opinion, and advice, also to recieve the same from others.

Non-verbal communication skills;

Communication through body language, we show our attitude and what is on our mind through our emotions, body movements etc, therefor when dealing with complex situations, we may appear deep in though or nervous.. This also refers to eye contact, or body language.. genuinely approachable people can appear distacted or unnaproachable due to their body language.

Eye contact;

This too is extremelly powerful, some people believe 'shifty' eye contact can be a sign of dishonesty, which is a bad sign. Good eye contact can too be powerful, it can be reassuring. Locking in on eye contact however can be intimidating, therefore it's crucial to get right.

A lawyer MUST portray a professional persona at all times!

Appearance is a portrait of yourself, although it seems unfair, you are judged on it.

Verbal communication; not all about what you say but also how you say it!

Avoid jargon! Just keep it simple and understanding and factual! Tone is also very imporant!

Accent and mannerisms



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