Law and Morality

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Law and Morality

In order to under stand what Law and Morality is I am first going to dumb it down in the way my teacher did to us.


There are many different types of rules:

School rules (I go to a sixth form)- No chewing gum in class

Rules in Sport - Sent off for injuring another player

Religious  rules - Sticking too the Ten commandments (or be it any other religions rules)

Legal rules - Following the Laws

Moral rules- Don't steal from family members. (unless its your sisters/brothers/boyfriends clothes then I say fair game ;) )

So obviously Legal rules are going to have more serious sanctions attached to them such as facing a fine or going to jail, for not following them. However most of the time if you  break a rule a sanction of some sort will be put in place, the serverity of the punishment is dependent on the rule you broke, for example if you stayed out till 10PM one night when you're parents told you to come home by 9, they might not allow you to go out the following day, but if you hit your younger brother because he was annoying you, your parents might ground you for a week.


A person holds their own morals which is based on their own opinions which is why some people have different opinions of homosexuality and other topics. Moral viewpoints can differ from person to person and from place to place.

Individual morality is about your own personal thoughts and feelings on a subject matter.


Public Morality is about the thoughts and feelings that the majority of soceity shares (General Consensus)

Law and Morality

The Criminal Law embodies many moral principles however there are crimes which do not concide with morality just like there are forms of behavior that society may regard as immoral but are not seen as criminal.

For examples 

Parking on double yellow lines - is seen as moral but illegal


Cheating on your paretns - Is seen as inmoral but Legal.

Cases for topic

In Law It is extremly to remember to citate cases when


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