Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development

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Kohlberg’s theory of moral understanding

·      Moral understanding is identified by presenting a child with a moral dilemma and asking them what they would do in that situation.

·        Kohlberg’s Stage Theory:

o   Level 1- Own needs need to be met

§  Stage 1- Punishment and Obedience orientation-> Based on punishment, if punished, must be bad. If rewarded, must be good.

§  Stage 2- Individualism, Instrumental purpose and exchange- Based on how it feels i.e. feels good, it is right.

o   Level 2- Approval of others needed

§  Stage 3- Expectations, relationships and conformity-> Based on group norms i.e. family believe something is right so it must be.

§  Stage 4- Social systems and conscience-> Based on intent i.e. didn’t mean to do something so not as bad.



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