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Turning To Crime – What Are The Causes of Criminal Behaviour?



2.2 Moral Development & Crime


–    Morals are a set of norms and values which we usually learn from our parents.

–    These norms allow us to distinguish between what is right and wrong.

–    In the UK criminal responsibility is 10 and so children over 10 are judged to clearly know the difference between right and wrong.


Kohlberg (1963) Moral development in children




–    Kohlberg was heavily influenced by the work of Piaget – he also believed that children's cognition developed through stages.

–     his research involved presenting groups of boys with moral dilemmas and then asking them questions about them.


Aims of the Study:


–    To find evidence in support of a progression through stages of moral development.




–    258 working and middle class boys From Chicago.

–    Aged 7, 10, 13 and 16

–    Study was repeated in UK, Mexico, Taiwan, uSA, and Yucatan.




–    They were given a two hour interview with 10 dilemmas to


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