King Lear and Oedipus Rex Themed Quotes



Act 1, Scene 1 (Blindness to truth)

  • "I love you dearer than eyesight" - Gonerill 
  • "Here I disclaim all my paternal care" - Lear
  • "Out of my sight!" - Lear
  • "See better Lear, and let me still remain in the true blank of thine eye" - Kent
  • "I have no such daughter (...) Nor shall I ever see that face of hers again" - Lear
  • "With washed eyes Cordelia leaves you" - Cordelia

Act 3, Scene 7 (Physical blindness)

  • "Pluck out his eyes" - Gonerill
  • "Lest it see more, prevent it. Out! vile jelly!" - Cornwall
  • "I have a letter guessingly sent down, which came from one that's of a neutral heart, and not from one opposed." - Gloucester
  • "But I shall see the winged vengeance overtake such children." - Gloucester
  • (Cornwall pulls out one of Gloucester's eyes)
  • "You have one eye left to see some mischief on him"- Servant
  • "All dark and comfortless" - Gloucester

Act 4, Scene 5 (Blindness to kindness? Lear's blindness through madness)

  • "Mehinks y'are better spoken." - Gloucester
  • "This world I do renounce, and in your sights shake patiently my great affliction off." - Gloucester
  • "Look up a-height"/"Alack, I have no eyes" - Edgar/Gloucester
  • "For Gloucester's ******* son was kinder to his father than my daughters" - Lear
  • "I remember thine eyes well enough" - Lear
  • "I see it feelingly" - Gloucester


  • "That is because you are blind to what I can see" - Teiresias
  • "You have eyes but cannot see your own corruption" - Teiresias
  • "I know everything that you are suffering" - Oedipus
  • "You have committed terrible crimes against those closest to you." - Oedipus
  • "His own guilt and suffering were too great for his eyes to see it." - Tierisias
  • "Dark now, all dark" - Oedipus


Act 1, Scene 1. Act 1, Scene 2. Act 2, Scene 1. Act 5, Scene 1. (Edmond's duty to himself/appearing as if deserving duty/false duty)

  • "I have so often blushed to acknowledge him" - Gloucester
  • "Why *******? Wherefore base?" - Edmond
  • "I grow, I prosper, now gods stand up for *******s!" - Edmond
  • "Loyal and natural boy, I'll work the means to make thee capable" - Gloucester
  • "Which of them shall I take? Both? One? Neither?" - Edmond
  • "Neither can be enjoyed if both remain alive?" - Edmond

Act 1, Scene 1. Act 1, Scene 4. Act 3, Scene 4. (Lear's duty to realm as duty to himself/realisation of duty)

  • "Tis of fast intent to shake all cares and business from our age" - Lear
  • "Which of you shall we say doth love us most?" - Lear
  • "Here I disclaim all paternal care" - Lear
  • "How ugly didst thou Cordelia show" - Lear
  • "O I have ta'en too little care of this" - Lear
  • "Nothing could have subdued nature to such a lowness but his unkind daughters" - Lear

Act 1, Scene 1. Act 4, Scene 6. Act 5, Scene 3. (Cordelia's duty to truth/purity)

  • "Unhappy as I am, I cannot heave my heart


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