Kett's Rebellion - 1549


Kett's Rebellion, 1549 -

Causes -

  • Enclosure of common land.
  • Collapse of local textile industry - large-scale unemployment - economic changes
  • Perceived threat to traditional communities and social relationships - reflected in Western.
  • Disagreement between Wymondham residents and local lawyer Flowerdew who claimed ownership to land and church. Residents wanted to use the church. Flowerdew - pull it down.


  • 1548 - landlord Cavendish triggered a riot; about to enclose extensive area of common land.
  • 1549 -  July: Govt summoned local gentry with intensions to go to the west - their absence sparked action in a number of localities, demanding end to enclosure, Flowerdew's fences pulled down and rebels began to gather in camps. Kett assumed leadership of movement.

Aims - presented in the Norfolk Articles 29 petitions

  • Landowners to stop enclosing common land.


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